Thursday, October 25, 2012

back to {fashion} school: track pants

Hey Mai Lovies, 

If you read my little profile blurb on the side of the screen you would know that I am a nurse. Recently, I returned to school, fashion school that is. I'm currently attending Moore College; Technical Design School. It's fun, it is hands on and I love it even though I am exhausted after working two jobs, school and blogging. It is worth every stitch I have to undo, if you sew you know how daunting that can be!! It is not like Project Runway I tell ya, cutting fabric alone can take hours! And you gotta freaking iron everything x10, I hate ironing!!! I send my clothes to the dry cleaner on purpose so I can avoid it. Better yet, I hide it in my closet and never wear it or beg Leon to do it for me. 

Ohh the irony (irony, you get it? yes, that's my brain thinking I'm funny again) 

Anyway, I think these "track pants" can be very controversial. I mean they truly look like track pants if you didn't throw on a pair of heels. I bought them because I think they are super cool and different enough that not everyone will have them. And I have to admit, they make my ass look like I've been working on my squats! The pants are so well tailored and the fit is just perfect. I may have to cut the back pockets out though because they make me look like I have granny panties on. (which to clarify, Leon. I do not wear. I just wear "cute undies.") So snippy snip this weekend, then just resew the pocket opening and problem solved. 

Can you spot the little LOVE sign, Philly is known for? 

Didn't mean to shoot my boobs full on but the shirt draped so beautifully I just had to show you. (you are welcome boobies, enjoy your full 15 mins of glory!) Oh, forgot to mention. I'm wearing Hollywood Fashion Tape, the wind was gusty that day and my boobs managed not to flash anyone. 

And my dainty earrings and necklace set. So cute! I keep trying to shoot it but because it is so dainty it is diffiuclt to see! It's perfect for an understated look, especially with such a plunging neckline. Oh, and an important tip *do pair a tailored trouser with a more sexy top.* I try not to pair sexy tops and sexy mini bottoms together. I think it is too much skin, I prefer one or the other. Leave some things to the imagination. In some cases if I do wear an overtly sexy outfit, I like to pair it with a bootie/ankle boot to give it a little funk and sass vs all sex.  Though if you met me during my bar hopping days, that Anh would beg to differ. But, I mean, if that's your taste, go for it!

I never thought I would enjoy school as much as I do now. I guess it is true, when you love what you do it is not work at all. I hope that all of you are reaching for your dreams too. I know that success will always be within reach as long as I fully commit to my passion. Surely, it is scary to start or restart, but it feels amazing to accomplish your dreams!  Thank you to my readers who tell me I inspire them, because without you, I wouldn't be inspired to continue to update my blog and display my love for fashion. Special thank you to all those that subscribed and leave comments, and to those who I recently found out are readers as well. 
Thank you Asia (Asia's friend who said "your aunt is the shit!), Channy, Eva, Lan, Tran, Trinh,  Peilee, Maria, Marlana, Becky, Megan, Shahida, Mel, Kel, Kristina and Judy! Sorry if I miss ya, remind me in the comment section. (tehee)  If you are reading, leave me a comment, even to say hello. I truly love hearing from you, I get school girl excited! Weee!

:: Outfit :: 

Shirt: Double Zero
Pants: French Connection (on sale, of course) 
Shoes: Aldo by J.W. Anderson 
Earring and Necklace: 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Escada blue velvet

Hey Guys, 

This is an Escada inspired velvet skirt I purchased from American Apparel. When I think velvet, my first thought is the midnight blue that Escada plays with so youthfully. Velvet can often times be frumpy or old, and can certainly make you look heavier. My favorite vintage shop has an Escada long cape jacket in their signature midnight blue. I have been lusting over it and when I saw that AA was  doing velvet this season, I jumped at the chance of this lightweight mini-skater skirt because I knew the pairing options would be endless. 

I love the asymmetry in this sweater and the different textures on both sides. I actually  have “transformered" this sweater once or twice the other way for a longer look, with a belt.

J. Crew has been making these structured bags for a few seasons. I’m a recovering yellow lover addict and when this purse went on sale I ordered it immediately.  J.Crew has a student discount, 15% off.  The color was a tad on the lime green side and not as mustard yellow as I thought it would be but I love it anyway!

Ahhhh.. these boots!!! They are my newest obsession. A while back I mentioned a pair of Gold Gucci Python heels I purchased from Ebay. Unfortunately when they got to me, they were a bit more bronze than gold. The seller happily let me exchange them for these amazing boots for the same price! Brown suede Yves Saint Laurent boots. It is about a 2 inch heel so I wear them all the time. A great alternative to wearing flat boots for long distance walking because they are just as comfortable. I keep touching them because they are so so soft!! Ahhhh so in love with them!

And the rounded pointed toe is to die for! After photographing in the unexpectedly, wet grass they have mud on them. :( Now I have to figure out how to clean them! Damn you deceivingly wet grass! 

Well guys, thank you so much for reading! I’m so excited to hear from new readers, (seriously!!!)  and so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying the blog. Hope you have a fab Sunday. 

:: Outfit :: 

Hat : Jcrew:: (borrowed from the hubs) 
Blouse: Jcrew (old) 
Sweater: Zara $20!
Skirt: American Apparel here
Tights: H&M 
Boots: YSL 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

autumn wedding in fur

Hey guys,

This past weekend, Leon and I attended our good friends Nancy and Eric's beautiful Autumn wedding hosted at the Kimmel Center. It was our first time there and it surely did not disappoint. The location was beautiful and the food was catered by my favorite Philadelphian Chef, Iron Chef Jose Garces! (Umm..  Nancy you really outdid yourself!) I savored every bit of it, from the deep fried cheesy risotto balls to the skewered lamb meatballs. The cheese display was loaded with my favorite cheese & condiments; my favorite being the lavender truffle honey. Yum yum. For dinner, I typically don't like chicken because it's usually overcooked or dry because of the mass production.I thought I'd give the Iron Chef's chicken a shot, it was perfect! I even texted my brother during my meal to tell him how delish it was. (he is in culinary school) Juicy, perfect amount of smoky sweetness that keeps you diving back for more but not too sweet that it was overwhelming. Yum-o. 

With any Autumn wedding you have to be prepared for the Northeast temperamental weather. Luckily, it was blue skies and crisp fall air. If you happen to be outside on the roof top deck it was a bit nippy once the sunset but that's why I came ultra prepared with my vintage fur shawl!!!! This piece was purchased at  one of  my newly discovered vintage stores which I have grown to love! It is called Griffin & Hawkins Antiques off of 4th and South Streets. It is worth the hours of digging or what I like to call treasure hunting. 

At the roof deck overlooking the city.

When most people think of Mink, the first thing that comes to mind is luxurious and expensive. If you purchase fur new, that would be true in most cases. Fortunately for me I've found a great deal ($100) for a vintage shawl with a high collar and in pristine condition. 

Paired with a backless velvet polka dot dress from Zara on sale for $20! 

The red clutch I wore is actually a waist-let you can wear with any belt. It was a gift from my BFF my past birthday. I adore it! 

How beautiful is the lighting at the Kimmel Center? 

When purchasing vintage, secondhand or preowned fur there are a number of factors you should consider before investing. Before making your purchase you should check for dry rotting, quality, types of fur and how to care for it. Don't know what any of this means? (no worries) I didn't either, so I set out to do some research and had an interview with the store owner who has over 20 years of experience. We went over the in's and out's and I will be sharing that with you shortly. If you have any questions about purchasing vintage fur please feel free to leave me a comment. I will try my best to answer! Thanks for reading!

:: Outfit::

Vintage Shawl: Griffin & Hawkins Antiques
Dress: Zara (old):: another LBD that I love here
Necklace: Vintage Chanel
Clutch/Waistlet: Louis Vuitton here
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (old) outlet in Italy. Another orangle pair here

Friday, October 12, 2012

street style blogger & fashionaires

Hi guys,

Two very exciting things happened on Wednesday!!! I recently started following a fellow Philadelphia blogger and assistant professor of Anthropology, Urban Field Notes ( <---I was just featured on his blog, check it out) who photographs Philly’s Fashion & Street Style. He is one of the few street style photographers in Philly. 

Guess who he photographed today? Muah! I was on Walnut St. on my way to a fashion event held by the Fashionaries, a Premier Vintage Couture Pop-up Boutique. Camera in hand, he stopped me and introduced himself. Before he could finish I knew exactly who he was. “Yes, urban field notes, I replied.” As excited as I was, I was taken aback when he knew I was Mai Style Pages! *Squeal*  

 Second exciting news, I met some incredible people at the Fashionaries vintage event. Check out if they are hosting in your town! Thank you Tara and Joe for letting me try on all the goodies and letting me stick around to shoot some pictures. Fashionaries was founded by 2 sisters, who joined forces and started their traveling pop up shop! The event was loaded with Vintage Couture and a plethora of Chanel. It was every girl’s dream come true. I fell in love with many pieces, though I didn’t get any new old Chanel. I did, however, walk away with the perfect Fox Fur Vest, an essential to any Fall Wardrobe. 

Here it is, Fox Fur knitted inside and out. It is super light but warm enough for a Sunny Fall day.

We took pictures with and without the fur vest because I wanted to show you the fun overalls. (I hear they are making a come back, I have a white linen pair I would love to dig up) 

The fox fur is so soft it reminds me of a polar bear. 

You can probably tell, I folded the boots down a bit. I thought it was more flattering on the legs. 

My best attempt at imitating a polar bear. I know, it's pretty badass (insert sarcasm). ha! 

Don't you just love the Kris Kross back? Doesn't it make you want to jump jump? Sorry if you don't get the dorky Kris Kross reference. (P.S. I'm a dope-ass rapper in my head) 

Vintage Coco Chanel Necklace. My fave! 

Just in case you didn't like my crotch shot, here is one that makes you feel like less of a perv. 

Post-dinner walk in the park. We are learning to shoot in the dark. It's hard, lighting is everything. 

Thank you so much for reading. So many exciting events this week.  I will be attending my first blogger event (will update you on that) and perhaps my first video in the making :X. Have an amazing weekend everyone. Keep warm and bundle up....perhaps with a vintage fur vest :). 

:: Outfit ::

Shirt: F21:: (old) Similar here
Fur Vest: (vintage) Adrienne Landau
Overall Skirt: Forever21 :: (old) Similar here
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Nine West:: (old) Similar here
Necklace: (longer style) both are Vintage Chanel 
Short Necklace: Mykitsch :: "I luv me" 
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Canal St. & Anthropologie 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey guys,

The weather has been moody and it's been difficult to shoot looks in the rain. However, this Saturday it almost felt like Spring again and there was a festival in center city. The festival is known as the midtown festival which is hosted by the local restaurants on 12th and 13th Street. There were an assortment of food and alcohol vendors, free giveaways and games! One of the most popular being SUMO hosted by the restaurant RAW!!!! I guess I do have an outfit of the day!

 That’s right Caporello I am from the streets! 

 Gearing up

It was difficult to get in! 

In! Now time fo SUMO! 

Looks like she is ready too! 

 On your tummy! 

She got me back too, good! 

We couldn’t get up on our own! wahh! 

The aftermath, sweaty and gross. 

Geeking it up. Thank you girls from visiting me in Philly! I love you both! Special thanks to my friend Amy who wrestled me Sumo style. 

 Believe it or not I have perfect vision 20/15, but I have always wanted to wear glasses since I was a child. I’m so glad wearing non-prescription lenses is acceptable these days. I hope you enjoy the silly post, I have some great outfits in store. Went to the Fashionaries  Pop-up Couture shop today! Bought something amazing! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

oxblood lust

 Hey guys,

In case you have not seen, heard or read that ox-blood is Fall’s ‘it’ color, then let me be the first to say “ox-blood is Fall’s it color" ha! (I know, I make myself laugh. Unfortunately, usually I’m the only one laughing) Maroon has always been one of my favorite colors, throw a little shellac on them and bam its looks like wet leather. I picked up these jeans from Zara on my 25th birthday (wow, its been 2 years :/) I loved them so much I also have them in black.


Oh hello sweet lace back. 

The color of this baby blue belt reminds me of a 1950's chiffon blouse. 

And say hello to my baby! My first Chanel piece ever! I absolutely love her! It was one of my birthday gifts from the hubs, and yes it's a vintage Chanel! Score and score! She is from the 1970's, still in pristine condition and super soft! She was purchased at the same place I got the vintage Valentino skirt. I can’t emphasize how important it is to find a trustworthy vintage dealer. I had been trawling ebay for years but was always hesitant to purchase knowing how many fakes are out there. 

Several months ago J.W. Anderson collaborated with Aldo. Thus I scored these amazing ankle strap heels highly discounted. I think because of its unusual pony tail back (that’s what I call it) no one bought them. They were left on the 50% off rack all by her lonesome waiting for me to bring her home.  The sale rack is always fun to sort thru because there tends to be unusual pieces that people leave behind. I love to buy unique or to some, unusual pieces vs classic. After all they are known as classic for a reason. They will always be there or you will find another designer that will remake it! My friend Drea and I were discussing what happens when people purchase simply because pieces are classic. What happens is you will end up with a closet full of boring clothes. I’m not saying don’t buy the pair of black pumps that you will wear everyday. But live a little, next time buy the pastel shoes or maybe the ones with pony hair :)

Speaking of collabos. Did anyone get any Anna Dello Russo’s accessories from H&M? I was so disappointed when Philly was not on the list to sell the line. The Croc sunglasses are so much fun. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Leave a comment, I love hearing from my readers. Have a great weekend! 

:: Outfit :: 

Shirt:: Zara (old) 
Jeans:: (old)
Sunnies: Gucci  
Belt:: H&M (old) 
Purse:: Chanel : Vintage 
Watch:: Michael Kors & Gucci
Shoes:: J.W. Anderson for Aldo