Friday, October 5, 2012

oxblood lust

 Hey guys,

In case you have not seen, heard or read that ox-blood is Fall’s ‘it’ color, then let me be the first to say “ox-blood is Fall’s it color" ha! (I know, I make myself laugh. Unfortunately, usually I’m the only one laughing) Maroon has always been one of my favorite colors, throw a little shellac on them and bam its looks like wet leather. I picked up these jeans from Zara on my 25th birthday (wow, its been 2 years :/) I loved them so much I also have them in black.


Oh hello sweet lace back. 

The color of this baby blue belt reminds me of a 1950's chiffon blouse. 

And say hello to my baby! My first Chanel piece ever! I absolutely love her! It was one of my birthday gifts from the hubs, and yes it's a vintage Chanel! Score and score! She is from the 1970's, still in pristine condition and super soft! She was purchased at the same place I got the vintage Valentino skirt. I can’t emphasize how important it is to find a trustworthy vintage dealer. I had been trawling ebay for years but was always hesitant to purchase knowing how many fakes are out there. 

Several months ago J.W. Anderson collaborated with Aldo. Thus I scored these amazing ankle strap heels highly discounted. I think because of its unusual pony tail back (that’s what I call it) no one bought them. They were left on the 50% off rack all by her lonesome waiting for me to bring her home.  The sale rack is always fun to sort thru because there tends to be unusual pieces that people leave behind. I love to buy unique or to some, unusual pieces vs classic. After all they are known as classic for a reason. They will always be there or you will find another designer that will remake it! My friend Drea and I were discussing what happens when people purchase simply because pieces are classic. What happens is you will end up with a closet full of boring clothes. I’m not saying don’t buy the pair of black pumps that you will wear everyday. But live a little, next time buy the pastel shoes or maybe the ones with pony hair :)

Speaking of collabos. Did anyone get any Anna Dello Russo’s accessories from H&M? I was so disappointed when Philly was not on the list to sell the line. The Croc sunglasses are so much fun. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Leave a comment, I love hearing from my readers. Have a great weekend! 

:: Outfit :: 

Shirt:: Zara (old) 
Jeans:: (old)
Sunnies: Gucci  
Belt:: H&M (old) 
Purse:: Chanel : Vintage 
Watch:: Michael Kors & Gucci
Shoes:: J.W. Anderson for Aldo 


Curvy Lady said...

This is my favorite look yet!

Melinda Chan said...

i loveeee this look! love the oxblood colored pants. normally, the term 'oxblood' freaks me out but it totally works!

Anh Mai said...

Thank you Curvy lady.I love these Jeans but the shirt is not work appropriate so I don't get to wear it to often.

Anh Mai said...

Melinda, they are very popular now! And you can find them at stores like H&M at a steal! Hope you had a great weekend.

Kellie Lynch said...

So fabulous!! I would never know what color to pair that top with but it goes amazing with the oxblood pants! Another incredible look :)

ShahidaTings said...

I love your blog! Found it on Facebook, we have lots of friends in common :)

tien said...

I have the same top in pink that I need to blog about but I love the colour of yours and vintage chanel? *swoon* it's gorgeous - your hubby should get a lot of brownie points for that!

Tien xo

Anh Mai said...

Thanks love. Nothing matches! ha! But still works right? Glad you like it! Thank you for the support!

Anh Mai said...

HI Shahida, I remember you from BLA, it has been a while. I transferred to a different high school I think before you started there. We do have a lot of mutual friends though! Thank you for dropping by the blog and I am so glad you love it! Seriously its mean a lot to me! I’ll be following your blog as well! I have some great stuff coming up, sticking around and tell your friends! -Anh

Anh Mai said...

T, I did see the shirt in 3 colors; pink, white and this green I like to call dokie. hehe. My hubs is amazing, he spoils me and feeds my habits! Apparently our significant others both do! I want your Hermes Bracelet! P.S. I have something shipping that may or may not remind you of some Hermes goodies! Can’t wait to post it! I’m sure you will love it too!

Anonymous said...

What blush did u used for this look? Tiki

Anh Mai said...

TIki, It’s the Nars duo kit. Orgasm/Laguna. I contoured all over with Laguna and used the Orgasm blush with my cheeks. Here it is!

Tran Trann said...

love the color combo & the whole outfit. i love that nothing matches but works perfectly.

Anh Mai said...

Thanks Tran! I saw you comment of Instagram too! ha! I bought something amazing yesterday, can't wait to blog about it!