Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey guys,

The weather has been moody and it's been difficult to shoot looks in the rain. However, this Saturday it almost felt like Spring again and there was a festival in center city. The festival is known as the midtown festival which is hosted by the local restaurants on 12th and 13th Street. There were an assortment of food and alcohol vendors, free giveaways and games! One of the most popular being SUMO hosted by the restaurant RAW!!!! I guess I do have an outfit of the day!

 That’s right Caporello I am from the streets! 

 Gearing up

It was difficult to get in! 

In! Now time fo SUMO! 

Looks like she is ready too! 

 On your tummy! 

She got me back too, good! 

We couldn’t get up on our own! wahh! 

The aftermath, sweaty and gross. 

Geeking it up. Thank you girls from visiting me in Philly! I love you both! Special thanks to my friend Amy who wrestled me Sumo style. 

 Believe it or not I have perfect vision 20/15, but I have always wanted to wear glasses since I was a child. I’m so glad wearing non-prescription lenses is acceptable these days. I hope you enjoy the silly post, I have some great outfits in store. Went to the Fashionaries  Pop-up Couture shop today! Bought something amazing! 

Thank you so much for reading! 


Marley said...

Love the sumo outfit :) I don't have perfect vision but I still wear fake glasses with my contacts on! LOL

Anh Mai said...

It was so much fun.. the glasses and the sumo hahah

Dea said...

The pics were your small foot is sticking out are so funny! :-)

Anh Mai said...

Dea, I know! I still laugh at them every time I scroll through. I could barely stand with the outfit on.

Kelly Nguyen said...


Anh Mai said...

right! wish you were there!