Sunday, October 21, 2012

Escada blue velvet

Hey Guys, 

This is an Escada inspired velvet skirt I purchased from American Apparel. When I think velvet, my first thought is the midnight blue that Escada plays with so youthfully. Velvet can often times be frumpy or old, and can certainly make you look heavier. My favorite vintage shop has an Escada long cape jacket in their signature midnight blue. I have been lusting over it and when I saw that AA was  doing velvet this season, I jumped at the chance of this lightweight mini-skater skirt because I knew the pairing options would be endless. 

I love the asymmetry in this sweater and the different textures on both sides. I actually  have “transformered" this sweater once or twice the other way for a longer look, with a belt.

J. Crew has been making these structured bags for a few seasons. I’m a recovering yellow lover addict and when this purse went on sale I ordered it immediately.  J.Crew has a student discount, 15% off.  The color was a tad on the lime green side and not as mustard yellow as I thought it would be but I love it anyway!

Ahhhh.. these boots!!! They are my newest obsession. A while back I mentioned a pair of Gold Gucci Python heels I purchased from Ebay. Unfortunately when they got to me, they were a bit more bronze than gold. The seller happily let me exchange them for these amazing boots for the same price! Brown suede Yves Saint Laurent boots. It is about a 2 inch heel so I wear them all the time. A great alternative to wearing flat boots for long distance walking because they are just as comfortable. I keep touching them because they are so so soft!! Ahhhh so in love with them!

And the rounded pointed toe is to die for! After photographing in the unexpectedly, wet grass they have mud on them. :( Now I have to figure out how to clean them! Damn you deceivingly wet grass! 

Well guys, thank you so much for reading! I’m so excited to hear from new readers, (seriously!!!)  and so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying the blog. Hope you have a fab Sunday. 

:: Outfit :: 

Hat : Jcrew:: (borrowed from the hubs) 
Blouse: Jcrew (old) 
Sweater: Zara $20!
Skirt: American Apparel here
Tights: H&M 
Boots: YSL 


onli bekki said...

Hey Anh! I found your blog through Maria and Marlana. It's great to see that you're doing so well and still looking as beautiful as ever :)

I'm living fashion vicariously through you and hope that I'll find the courage to step out of my boring sneakers, jeans, and tshirt to make you proud one day!


Tien said...

Boots are to die for hun - gorgeous find <3 I love your sense of style !

Tien xo

Anh Mai said...

Becky, its so good to hear from you! I don't think I've seen you guys since high school. It's so great that you, Maria and Marlana are still friends. I hear you guys are all in the wedding party! If you need ideas for the bridal shower let me know. I would love to help. You might hate me after since I've become somewhat of a perfectionist in event planning.

Thank you for reading the blog, it means so much to me. It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself. I'm so glad you are enjoying the outfits and hope you can transition slowly, maybe towards flats and flat boots? haha Next time I shoot a look, I'll be keeping you in mind.


Anh Mai said...

Thanks Tien, and they were such a bargain on Ebay. I have another pair of shoes I think you will fall madly in love with. I just purchased them yesterday, also on ebay!

xx Anh