Wednesday, October 17, 2012

autumn wedding in fur

Hey guys,

This past weekend, Leon and I attended our good friends Nancy and Eric's beautiful Autumn wedding hosted at the Kimmel Center. It was our first time there and it surely did not disappoint. The location was beautiful and the food was catered by my favorite Philadelphian Chef, Iron Chef Jose Garces! (Umm..  Nancy you really outdid yourself!) I savored every bit of it, from the deep fried cheesy risotto balls to the skewered lamb meatballs. The cheese display was loaded with my favorite cheese & condiments; my favorite being the lavender truffle honey. Yum yum. For dinner, I typically don't like chicken because it's usually overcooked or dry because of the mass production.I thought I'd give the Iron Chef's chicken a shot, it was perfect! I even texted my brother during my meal to tell him how delish it was. (he is in culinary school) Juicy, perfect amount of smoky sweetness that keeps you diving back for more but not too sweet that it was overwhelming. Yum-o. 

With any Autumn wedding you have to be prepared for the Northeast temperamental weather. Luckily, it was blue skies and crisp fall air. If you happen to be outside on the roof top deck it was a bit nippy once the sunset but that's why I came ultra prepared with my vintage fur shawl!!!! This piece was purchased at  one of  my newly discovered vintage stores which I have grown to love! It is called Griffin & Hawkins Antiques off of 4th and South Streets. It is worth the hours of digging or what I like to call treasure hunting. 

At the roof deck overlooking the city.

When most people think of Mink, the first thing that comes to mind is luxurious and expensive. If you purchase fur new, that would be true in most cases. Fortunately for me I've found a great deal ($100) for a vintage shawl with a high collar and in pristine condition. 

Paired with a backless velvet polka dot dress from Zara on sale for $20! 

The red clutch I wore is actually a waist-let you can wear with any belt. It was a gift from my BFF my past birthday. I adore it! 

How beautiful is the lighting at the Kimmel Center? 

When purchasing vintage, secondhand or preowned fur there are a number of factors you should consider before investing. Before making your purchase you should check for dry rotting, quality, types of fur and how to care for it. Don't know what any of this means? (no worries) I didn't either, so I set out to do some research and had an interview with the store owner who has over 20 years of experience. We went over the in's and out's and I will be sharing that with you shortly. If you have any questions about purchasing vintage fur please feel free to leave me a comment. I will try my best to answer! Thanks for reading!

:: Outfit::

Vintage Shawl: Griffin & Hawkins Antiques
Dress: Zara (old):: another LBD that I love here
Necklace: Vintage Chanel
Clutch/Waistlet: Louis Vuitton here
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (old) outlet in Italy. Another orangle pair here


ShahidaTings said...

This outfit is so classic! Loved everything about it :)

Anh Mai said...

Isn't Shahida! I'm so in love with both pieces. And can't believe I manage to buy both super cheap! Yippeee, that always makes me exicted

Kellie Lynch said...

I cannot stand how stunning you are in the picture with one foot up against the wall. The photo is straight from a fashion magazine. If I didn't know you in real life I wouldn't believe someone could be so gorgeous while also being so down to earth, smart and sweet!! Love this blog, love hearing about you following your passion. Miss you lots, perhaps a spring visit down to Philly is in order??