Saturday, August 25, 2012

leopard dots

Leopard and Polka Dots, who would have thought?

 I absolutely love mixing prints and colors.  I'm not so much a matchy matchy gal.  I have friends and coworkers that say "that doesn't match" my response; "it doesn't have to."  My ideal pieces compliment one another and allows the eyes to see an interesting contrast.  But more importantly if you feel confident in it,  nothing else should matter. 

 Clothes can drastically effect my mood. And when paired with a pair of 5inch+ wedges, the day can get a tad bit sexier.

These photos were taken at the Lupine Festival in June.  If you have never been and happen to be in or around New Hampshire, you have to check it out ! The Lupine Festival in New Hampshire takes place June 1-17, with dates varying year to year.   The flower independently is beautiful in itself but multiplied by the thousands, breath taking views of the mountain and clear blue skies exponentially make the trip exceedingly worthwhile. Did I mention the best pancake house resides there ? Polly's pancake house  Here in the city of Sugar Hill.

Photos courtesy of Jane Louie 

The shorts are in old pair of acid washed jeans that I snipped with a pair of fabric shears. 
If you are interested in my foundation come back I will be updating about my obsession with this product from Armani. Thank you for reading! 

:: Outfit ::

Shirt: Jcrew :: Here
Cardigan: Jcrew:: Similar here
Shorts: Abercrombie (old) Similar here and here
Purse: Thrift Find:: $26
Shoes:: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors (Rose Gold):: Here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

tea time

My best friend Kelly and I got married 6 weeks apart this year. We were each others maids of honor. For her bridal shower, I knew exactly what to do. 

Tea anyone?


For over 6 months I collected vintage tea cups, plates, and goodies from local vintage and thrift stores. Since they were all vintage/thrift finds, I mixed and matched to make a complete set. I even bought lace trimmings and fabric for table covers.  I almost died when I picked up the (gold) silverware for $10. (I'm not kidding, I was trembling with giddiness)

                                                                     The beautiful bride.


I purchased the veil from a local thrift store. I also wore it on my wedding day. 

                                   My cousin arranged this beautiful ombre style centerpiece. 

 Grand piano. 

 With the help of's  templates I was able to make the stationary. I shrink the original template down in adobe illustrator and cut them to look like tea bag slips and glued onto the tea bags.

 Used their "Thank you" template as labels for the iced tea. 

 The dessert was to die for. Almond flour cake (ombre layers of course), macaroons and fruit tarts made by Jane's ( friend/photographer) talented friend. 

The dessert displays were made with plates, a candlestick holder and a glass cup, glued. 

 The lace dress from Zara fitted her perfectly.

Thank you for reading! If you want more details on the bridal shower or DIY plate displays and signs. Please leave me a comment below. 

 The backless black and white dress I wore was from H &M this past season.
Bridal Robe:: Victoria Secret: here
The venue:: The college club of Boston: here

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

craving celine

Celine luggage tote has been all the hype these past few seasons. It's been sold out and prices have increased exponentially since its arrival. But my pick is for the smaller, easier to carry and oh so versatile (drum roll please)  CELINE TRIO. You can wear it as a cross bag, a clutch and even take the trio apart and wear them individually! I have yet to see it in stores but for a bag that can transform, a 3 in 1 at more than half the cost of the tote, it's on the top of my list! 

I believe this is the wallet version. 

For price, here

Monday, August 20, 2012

tangerine summer

 Hello everyone!

Only a few more weekends until summer is officially over. This dress was the perfect summer weekend get-up. It was comfy yet chic enough for shopping in the city (to pick up even more amazing summer sales), picnic-ing or out for a drink or two.

I paired it with one of my favorite summer bags, a bright tangerine speedy and some gold jewelry. 

Since the dress was loose fitting and I am petite, I choose to wear it with these sky high wedges!

The stackable love rings are from a local artist in Philly. You can also wear them on one finger! 

This is one of my favorite pieces. My best friend actually bought this vintage Chanel for me. It's a necklace and belt in one, circa 1970's. I have not worn it as a belt yet but hope to in future posts! (The tongue thing? Wait till you meet the hubs, he is oodles of faces) 

Best part of this simple dress was the peek-a-boo back, just enough to make it unique. I love simple chic with a surprise back reveal. What's your favorite summer go to outfit? 

Thanks for reading!

Dress:: boutique in San Francisco for $18! 
Necklace:: Vintage
Rings:: (here
Purse:: Louis Vuitton (here)
Shoes:: Zara
Lipstick:: Revlon: Siren 677 (here)