Friday, October 12, 2012

street style blogger & fashionaires

Hi guys,

Two very exciting things happened on Wednesday!!! I recently started following a fellow Philadelphia blogger and assistant professor of Anthropology, Urban Field Notes ( <---I was just featured on his blog, check it out) who photographs Philly’s Fashion & Street Style. He is one of the few street style photographers in Philly. 

Guess who he photographed today? Muah! I was on Walnut St. on my way to a fashion event held by the Fashionaries, a Premier Vintage Couture Pop-up Boutique. Camera in hand, he stopped me and introduced himself. Before he could finish I knew exactly who he was. “Yes, urban field notes, I replied.” As excited as I was, I was taken aback when he knew I was Mai Style Pages! *Squeal*  

 Second exciting news, I met some incredible people at the Fashionaries vintage event. Check out if they are hosting in your town! Thank you Tara and Joe for letting me try on all the goodies and letting me stick around to shoot some pictures. Fashionaries was founded by 2 sisters, who joined forces and started their traveling pop up shop! The event was loaded with Vintage Couture and a plethora of Chanel. It was every girl’s dream come true. I fell in love with many pieces, though I didn’t get any new old Chanel. I did, however, walk away with the perfect Fox Fur Vest, an essential to any Fall Wardrobe. 

Here it is, Fox Fur knitted inside and out. It is super light but warm enough for a Sunny Fall day.

We took pictures with and without the fur vest because I wanted to show you the fun overalls. (I hear they are making a come back, I have a white linen pair I would love to dig up) 

The fox fur is so soft it reminds me of a polar bear. 

You can probably tell, I folded the boots down a bit. I thought it was more flattering on the legs. 

My best attempt at imitating a polar bear. I know, it's pretty badass (insert sarcasm). ha! 

Don't you just love the Kris Kross back? Doesn't it make you want to jump jump? Sorry if you don't get the dorky Kris Kross reference. (P.S. I'm a dope-ass rapper in my head) 

Vintage Coco Chanel Necklace. My fave! 

Just in case you didn't like my crotch shot, here is one that makes you feel like less of a perv. 

Post-dinner walk in the park. We are learning to shoot in the dark. It's hard, lighting is everything. 

Thank you so much for reading. So many exciting events this week.  I will be attending my first blogger event (will update you on that) and perhaps my first video in the making :X. Have an amazing weekend everyone. Keep warm and bundle up....perhaps with a vintage fur vest :). 

:: Outfit ::

Shirt: F21:: (old) Similar here
Fur Vest: (vintage) Adrienne Landau
Overall Skirt: Forever21 :: (old) Similar here
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Nine West:: (old) Similar here
Necklace: (longer style) both are Vintage Chanel 
Short Necklace: Mykitsch :: "I luv me" 
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Canal St. & Anthropologie 


Marley said...

yay! congrats! This event looks amazing. All the pictures makes me want to buy everything!

Judi said...

awesome outfit..congrats!! :)

Sharon said...

Now I regret not going Anh! But glad you found that amazing fur vest and your outfit is fabulous as always =)

Hannah Avery said...

I really like your outfit, and your hair is beautiful! So glad to find your blog through Urban Fieldnotes!


Anh Mai said...

Marley, I was seriously drooling over all the Chanel! Unfortunately I can't afford anymore. They had a waist let that I was dying over !!

Anh Mai said...

Thank you judy. I'm so glad you are reading my blog !! Your support means so much to me. Especially since you are my most stylish cousin !! Miss u !

Anh Mai said...

Thanks Sharon ! We will have to go another event tomorrow ! Maybe a more affordable one. I hear there is a thrifting event. That's right down my alley !! Haha thank you for reading nd commenting !

Anh Mai said...

Hey Hannah I'm so excited to have a new reader ! And thank you for commenting. My hair honestly takes no more then 10 minutes to curl. I have had some request for a video. If I ever get around to it I'll keep you posted. !! Isn't urban field notes a great Philly Street style blogger? I thoroughly enjoy his writing and was so excited to get photgraphed by him. Hannah, please don't hesitate to leave comments or questions for me. I love to read them and happy to answer anything.

Curvy Lady said...

This is fantabulous Ahn! Great look!

Anh Mai said...

Thank you Curvy lady!!! All f21. I love that place!

Tien said...

wow I could get lost in there for hours! Such gorgeous pieces you lucky girl :) love the fur vest and overalls look on you :)

pearl said...

beautiful fur vest! the condition looks amazing!

Anh Mai said...

Thanks Pearl! It's so soft and light as a feather!