Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Music Video's, Magazines and Beer Gardens, oh Mai!

Hey Guys,

I have had the busiest most awesomest (last) week evah! I have been hard at work, styling for Kenton Magazine this past weekend and met some amazing people. Tuesday, I worked with a group of talented ladies on designer Autumn Lin Kietponglert's lookbook. Autumn, has been such a pleasure to work with on set and her signature pieces are jaw-droppingly beautiful and made completely of zippers and hours of love! I say that because, if you could see the construction she puts into them, you would think someone would be insane to sit and sew every bit of it in all of its glorious construction. Immaculate work like this can only be created with passion and hard work.

The pictures are not ready to be posted here yet, but.....her latest piece has been seen on none other then, Cher! Yup, Cher's new video "Woman's World" featured Autumn's signature zipper corset. Check it out here! And you can check her out in the upcoming show hosted by Rihanna on Style Network, Style to Rock.

In other exciting news, the Kenton Magazine shoot I did was way too much fun. And when I say way too much fun, I mean "I-buzzed-off-10-inches-of-my-hair-type" fun! Erroll (hair stylist) and the entire crew and I had a great time chatting, dancing (mostly me dancing, alone) and just working alongside other creative minds.

Top: Forever 21 Bottom: Zara Sandals: Aldo Shoes Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

What do you think? I have been really bored with my hair lately and actually wanted something fun and exciting. I was thinking of getting some color, but when Errol offered I couldn't resist. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'll probably give it a few months and grow it back.

 If you are in Philly now or in the fall, you should check out PHS (Philadelphia Horticultural Society) Pop Up Beer Garden. It is catered by Iron Chef Jose Garces. The beer, food and atmosphere are perfect to unwind on a cool summer or fall night.

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Marley said...

love it ! :)

I really wanted something like that but I don't think I could pull it off but it looks good on you ;)