Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Turtles

Pleasure Island Beach

Board walk

Turtle Trench

Turtle Trail after the hatch

Cover-up: Lele Tran Hat: H&M Shoes: Aldo Shoes 
Hey Guys,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. I celebrated the end of summer on Carolina Beach and in the beautiful city of Chicago. I am sad to see summer end, but it could not have ended better, with good friends and family. Carolina beach was all about some R&R for me. I spent my mornings walking on the beach and enjoying the fresh air, watching dolphins (also a first for me) and photographing nature. The rest of the day included beaching, eating lots of seafood, boardwalk-ing and enjoying the local town fair rides. The highlight of the beach however, was the hatching of baby turtles! I hadn't planned my vacation around the turtle hatching, it was an unexpected surprise. Apparently, August is a hot month for turtle hatching because the eggs are laid on the beach during May-July. They hatch between 50-70 days after being laid, and come out after dusk any day in between. I was lucky enough to learn so much from the volunteers during my wait, where I camped out by the nest for hours. I have to say, I became pretty close to the nest mom (leader in charge of the nest and the team of volunteer) because when the time came for to guide the hatchlings to sea, I was given gloves to help too!! Ekk!! I helped tiny little turtles to sea, a moments like this reminds me how beautiful nature is. I'm slightly turtle obsessed now and coming back with more friends next year.

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