Sunday, August 18, 2013

The classic Louboutin you have to have!

What a better way to launch this segment with none other than a pair of classic Christian Louboutin. I did quite a bit of research before investing in her, so I hope this will help those who are looking to add the Pigalle to their shoe collection.

"Named after one of his favorite neighborhoods in Paris, the "Pigalle" was one of Christian's first beloved styles. She embodies every aspect of her older sister, with the exception of her sky high heel being traded for a more manageable 100mm heel."

Christian Louboutin Nude Patent Leather Pigalle 100mm
Heel height: 85mm, 100mm &120mm
Cost: $625

Fit/Sizing: True to size/ I am a shoe size 5

 Louboutins tend to be smaller and if you speak to any sales person they will likely recommend a 1/2 size, or in some styles, a full size up. After reading several threads and my personal experience with Louboutins I thought I should size up. I typically wear a 35 so I ordered 2 pairs from Nordstrom a 35 and 35.5. Initially, I thought for sure I was going to keep the 35.5 because the 35 were  snug and the toe box was a bit tight. Luckily a friend of mine who actually shares the same shoe size, told me that her shoes stretched.

Slippage: No slippage 

If your feet are a petite pair like mine, you know that slippage comes with the territory. But what I have learned is, if you buy a shoe that actually fits, there should not be any slippage. My recommendation would be get the size that fits snug but not tight. The toe box will be tight but it will stretch after about 2-3 wears. If there is any type of slippage when you try them,  please do not keep them!! I made this mistake with a 35.5 Christian Louboutin. It makes walking difficult when you are constantly worried about gripping your toes into the shoes so the back of your foot won't slip out. (you know what I am talking about!)

Comfort: Easy Average Difficult Impossible

 Lets just say the 16 year old me had no problem wearing 4" heels and walking for 8 hours a day. This older Anh is much more wary about buying anything over 3". The first 2x I wore the Pigalle, I thought I was going to lose my toes and the balls of my feet. I wore them for about  4 hours with some walking and standing for the majority of the wear. I did get blisters at the toe box and the back of my feet which is quite typical of any shoe.

Verdict: Keeper!

These Nude Pigalle are classic and will pair well with anything from dresses to jeans. As far as the shoe height, 4" is probably my threshold with a non-platform shoe. The 120mm is majorly sexy but with the Pigalle's vertical drop I think it would be nearly impossible for me to walk since all the weight will be on the balls of the feet. You could go for 85mm but I don't find them as sexy so I figure the 100mm would be the best bet. After about 2 months, I absolutely love these shoes and am completely happy sticking with the in-between height. The shoe will take 2-3 wears before you truly break them in. After breaking them in I have not had any blisters. 

Similar Styles 

Christian Louboutin makes many variations of the pointed toe and there are subtle differences between each. This is what I believe to be the difference between them through research from the official website and forums. The Pigalle has a sharp pointed toe and a straight & thin vertical heel. The Delcollete 554 has the same sharpness in the pointed toe but is slightly shorter in the toe box. The heel is also slightly curved and in my opinion easier to walk in, but not as sexy. Finally, the Piou Poiu has a slightly rounded toe and even deeper curve in the heel.

Emma Stone in the platform Pigalle and Kate Moss in black. 

Are these shoes not hot, hot, hot? Pigalles are a popular shoe style and spotted on many celebs. Because of their popularity they took me more than 6 months to get my hands on a pair.  So if you are in the market for a pair, start looking now or perhaps one of the above styles may suit you more.  I hope you guys enjoy this review! What do you think of the new segment, Petite Pair? Did you find the review helpful? Is there anything else that you want to know that I missed? And what shoes would you like for me to review in the future? 


Ceci Lam said...

Perfect choice. I haven't taken off my Christian Louboutin Shoes ever since I got them.

Amy Caporello said...

Amazing. Love. Want.

Florcom said...

The new So Kate is a sexier more balanced classic sexy high heel than the Pigalle 120.With a sexy shoe like these only the sky high 120 version is the one to get.They may be painful but nothing is sexier.