Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Essential

I think someone has a shoe obsession like me.

"hey, what are you looking at?" bedo..beddoooooo. 

Shirt:PV&C Shorts: Zara There pink ones are great too! Shoes: CL Pigalle  Sunglasses: Zara Rings: Urban Outfitter  (old) 

Anyone have tips for eating and drinking with red lips? I smeared mine all over my chin drinking ice tea. doh!

Hey Guys, 

The last few days have been so beautiful, it makes me sad that summer is quickly winding down. It has been the perfect ice tea drinking, walk in the park and sheer chiffon shirt wearing days. 

If this printed chiffon shirt looks familiar it because it's a vintage set that comes with a skirt. The skirt can also be worn as a dress, like in this previous post. The splurge on this outfit has been well worth it since it's versatility has been endless. The first picture is probably the best representation of how silky soft and flow-y this shirt is. It's like wearing nothing and has been my perfect summer essential. Do you have a favorite summer essential?


Chaucee said...

Before you take a sip, lick the glass where you will put your lips.

Mai Style Pages said...
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Mai Style Pages said...

Get out of here! That's an awesome tip! Thanks Chaucee!