Thursday, August 8, 2013

Petite Pair

Hey Guys,

Today I would like  to introduce to you a new segment on my blog, Petite Pair. As you know,  I am a petite gal standing at 5'1 and 1/2. Yes, the half counts! One of the most difficult parts of being petite is finding things that fit. Clothing can often being altered but shoes are a whole different ball game. 

An expensive shoe habit can make a huge dent in your piggy bank so I try and research to ensure the most bang for my buck. As much as I like to jump at the chance of a beautiful pair of shoes, I have bought many pairs that unfortunately have been sitting in my closet after a few wears. My husband tends to be less than thrilled with these types of purchases. Unfortunately, shoes will not magically fit over night, shrink in the dryer and are not subject to the magical weight gain or weight loss rationalization that we apply to clothes. Yes, the occasional shoe insole or sticky heel grip will help, but purchasing a shoe that actually fits is the best strategy to ensure the most use. It has been an expensive lesson for me but now I have taken the time to educate myself.  I hope Petite Pair will help painlessly educate you as I review shoes and brands, give my personal recommendations, and share the occasional shoe lust. 

I'll be back next week for my first shoe review on the Christian Louboutin Nude Pigalle.