Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Hi guys, 

My good friend Jane and Paul were in town last week. Which of course means amazing pictures for the blog and unbuckling my belt a notch or two. Jane and Paul are huge foodies, as are we. We spent the majority of their 5 day visit, eating at our favorite spots and discovering  new gems along the way. Pumpkin, a rustic, farm-to-table style American food was one of the best meals I've had thus far in Philly. A must try if you are in the Philadelphia area. 

Amidst shooting pictures for my own blog in Rittenhouse Square and me giving my prince charming a smooch. Collin from approached me and asked if I was interested in their street style feature. (Well, of course.) Colin snapped some great pictures and I ended up on homepage last Monday.

Here are some behind the scene photos of me and Colin as he interviewed and photographed me. It was actually quite funny because he asked me what I do. Ummm... I chuckled a little bit when I had to explain what I do. "Well, I am nurse persuing a career in fashion. I am also a part time fashion student, fashion buying intern and freelance stylist." His reply;" umm.. how about fashion intern?" Fashion intern is just fine. Thanks, Colin! 

Okay, last thought of the day. He asked me who my fashion icons are. I gave him a pretty long list of people and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ended up on My husband asked, "Really?" Yes, I am a huge fan of the dumpster twins. Yes, they may wear bizarre and over-sized clothing but their love for fashion is completely apparent. They love fashion so much that sometimes it's worth looking dumpy, just to wear a piece they love. At least this is what it seems like and exactly how I feel about clothing on myself. I like oversized things, I wear things that are meant to be on a 5'10 model with killer legs not a petite 5'1 ish with athletic calves. Luckily my budget (aka. hubs) doesn't allow for bizarre one time wear outfits.   

Fashion is meant to be fun, after all it's not permanent. At the end of the day you take your clothing off and its a clean canvas for the next day.  So dare to be different and bold in your choices. 

FedoraJ-Crew  Stripe Shirt: $5 Forever 21 Skirt: Club Monaco Shoes: Zara (Old)Necklace: Vintage Chanel
 Purse: Vintage Chanel 

My mini photog, can you see his embroidered camera shirt ? It was all high fives until he proceeded to stick his fist in my mouth... mmhh salty. LOL he was quite a cutie. 

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me here! I really enjoyed reading the comments from the last blog post!


Arequipe said...

Looove this post... Congratulations Anh!!! URTB... Missingg my Fashion partner, Stylist and Friend.. Hugss... XO

Shy said...

I love this outfit! so polished but looks completely relaxed and comfy. Great photos too!