Monday, June 3, 2013

mexican wedding

Hi guys,

Leon and I attended a beautiful wedding on the west coast of Mexico last week. Congrats Adam & Kimberly! We were on Cloud 9 lounging at the St. Regis Hotel. I could probably die in the bed,  tub or one of their multi-level infinity pools. sigh.... is it not the most depressing feeling to have to leave paradise?

If you are the west coast, flights from L.A. are about 3.5 hours, or so I heard. I would highly recommend staying at the St. Regis Punta Mita. The service was impeccable. Oh, did I mention our room came with a butler? Leon and I looked at each other and maybe peed our pants a bit from excitement. Not that we fully utilized his services, he did unpacked our bags (it was awesome, haha) but the idea was pretty awesome. (Probably our first and last butler....sad to leave you too, Christian.)

 I am so so so madly in love with the dress! It is a 1920’s silk chiffon dress with a hand dyed slip. Actually, it was a skirt that i converted to a dress but it can be worn multiple ways. There is also a shirt to complete the set! Its so so so beautiful!!!! I love love love it! Can you tell I am excited? Can’t wait to shoot the entire outfit!

I paired the look with my vintage Chanel necklaces, an old jewelry box/turned clutch, (I picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks) and the  classic Pigalle Louboutin. 

Folk and knife in hand! Ready for Din Din! Get in my belly! 

Partying and drinking with the boys! 

We also celebrated our First Year Anniversary! All in all a wonderful wedding, vacation and great way to round out our first year as Mr. & Mrs.  

Dress and Vintage Chanel Jewelry: Philadelphia Vintage and Consignment
Shoes: Pigalle Louboutin
Clutch: Old Jewelry Case


Marley said...

You guys look lovely! Glad you had fun :) And I love your DIN DIN FACE! AWESOME!

Musings of a Curvy Lady said...

Beautiful Anh! Love your easy breezy wedding guest look! Leon looks dashing to in that suit! Sharp : )

Patty said...

I so rarely see Leon without the goofy face he makes. You both look so perfect. Dashing and gorgeous! xo Patty

Renee :) said...

omg you look GORGE in all these entries, darlin! love your blog keep it up!!! xoxo~* :D

Lemon Drop Team said...

You look so stunning my dear!!

Mai Style Pages said...

Thank you ladies!!! -Anh

Anonymous said...

Were your shoes comfortable? Are they well worth the big bucks?

Mai Style Pages said...

Hi! I only wore the Pigalles twice so I can't say I have broken the shoes in just yet! Pointy toe shoes are a bit less comfortable usually because it tends to be tight in the toe box. I measured the shoes and will be doing a comparison of before and after with comfort and stretch. What is your name?


Anonymous said...

you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning in that dress Anh! love your style and i'm so jealous of your hair!! :)


Mai Style Pages said...


Thanks love! But you have great hair!!