Sunday, February 10, 2013

best snowboarding in the world

 We heard Shaun White said Japan is the best snowboarding he has ever done. Really, Japan? We were intrigued! My husband and I learned to snowboard about 4 years ago when I gave him a snowboard for Christmas. That was the end of all my tropical vacations as essentially anytime we have off we are on a mountain......worst mistake of my life! At the time neither of us snowboarded but my brothers had all been riding for a number of years and most of my friends did as well. We learned on the icy east coast snow (Wachusett represent!). We often night boarded after work which meant conditions were terrible. Since then we have been fortunate enough to have ventured out to the west coast. Riding at Vail, which remains my favorite mountain in the States, Breckenridge, and Big Sky in Montana. Leon loves Mammouth, Snowbird (Utah) and Mount Hood (Portland) as well.

So let’s get to the good stuff! Why is Japan so great? After talking to the locals we learned that it snows  almost everyday between 6-12 inches from Dec-April! What the flurries?! On occasion, the snow stops for 1-2 days at the most. So this means Powder or Pow as the locals call it, all the time!!!! The mountain is comparable to the size of the East Coast. But lines are efficient and move fairly quickly.

Yes, waist deep in Pow! 

White out conditions everyday!

  The seats are extremely low even for me, so be warned!

The best part of a long cold day. The food choices are unbelievable, no burgers and fries here. 

Beef bowl, steamed eggs, seafood soup, pickled cucumbers and poached eggs. $12! Score! 

Stewed Tofu. 

Niseko Village with the gang. 

Me and the guys. Yes, they love each other a bit too much. 

I leave you with a breathtaking view of Niseko. Looks like an erupting Volcano. Oh, I miss Japan. 

Readers, what do you think of my Asia trip so far? Would you snowboard in Japan?


Windwardboardshop review said...

Some of the pictures look like they are coming straight out of a story book. The snow quality is really good and I can imagine that you must have all enjoyed every minute of being in it.

Good food doesn't hurt a bit either. Warm soups are excellent after you've been out in the snow. Japanese soups are more like broth than the thick soups that I prefer but they are great for opening the appetite.

Mai Style Pages said...

Wind Ward,

Do you ski or snowboard? Japan was as picturesque as could be.

I'm a noodle and broth type girl, so I really enjoyed the food there. If you ever plan to go to Japan for snow activities. Let me know, I can give you some recommendations.


Anonymous said...

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