Tuesday, February 12, 2013

valentine’s day:the man with everything

Yes, the dreaded question. What to get the man that has everything? My husband is the ultimate example of the man with everything. He owns every shirt from JCREW. His shoe collection? a worthy comparison to mine and he enjoys shopping.

The answer is to go vintage! Of course, you had to know it was coming right? I throughly enjoy gift giving and always put a lot of thought into my purchases.

I found these vintage handkerchief from Philadelphia Vintage and Consignment on 12th and Samson St. that can be made into pocket squares. What’s better than to give a gift that is one of kind? Best of all they were only $10 a pop and I can use them too. I like to tie them around purses/clutches for an added pop of color and detail.

 They can be easily found at Vintage and Thrifts stores, usually only for a few bucks.  What are you getting your significant other, man, woman or yourself? If you’re single I say SPA DAY it is, I like to treat myself to one of those pretty often. Happy Valentine’s Day.

What do you think of the vintage handkerchief?


Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! How do you like that thrift store?


Anh Mai said...

Love the store. Unfortunately it's not a thrift store but a vintage store that has higher end pieces. It's spectacular though, the clothing there is to die for.

Maura Fox said...

I stopped by my boyfriend's office before he got to work and left him a plate of brownies and a heart shaped Star Wars tin (he loves those movies!) with lollipops to surprise him! Nothing too big, but the way to his heart is truly through his stomach! ;)

- Maura

Anh Mai said...

A plate of brownies is perfect, I could use one of those today! Hope you had a wonderful Vday!