Monday, December 17, 2012

glittered nails

Hey guys,

I am working on my final projects for school! Will be back soon! Enjoy the fun glittered nails, great for the holidays and NYE party!

 What you will need. Base color, glitter polish and top coat. Acetone for mishaps and manicure sticks. Dip manicure sticks in acetone and clean edges if needed. 

The finished product a clean, nude and glam look for day and night. 

Tips for better result. 

1. Choose a color that is not matte. Something with a slight sheen will be easier to paint. 2. Paint with your least dominant hand first. You are bound to make more mistakes so it will give you a chance to clean up messes without smudging your other hand. 3. Use Acetone vs store bought brands. 100 % acetone makes for easy cleaning. 


Chaucee said...

Girl, I gotta have you do my nails STAT. They are in sad condition.
I love the design you did! Perfect for the holidays.

Jacqueline davis moranti said...

Love this!!!

Anh Mai said...

Thanks, Chaucee! My nails never last longer than 2 days! But i love the glitter trends, its so festive. I will be traveling to Japan in 2 weeks, I can’t want to see what their nail trends look like!

Anh Mai said...

Thank You Jacqueline! Looks like you, me and Chaucee need to go on a nail date!