Wednesday, December 26, 2012

fashion inspiration

There was wine and cheese and fashion students with a sense of accomplishment at the Made in Philadelphia studio. We were done (!!!) we presented our final pieces to our darling instructor and Founder of Made in Philadelphia, Rachel Ford.  It was not haute couture but for some it was our first dress.  It was my first dress! I was  gratified to be able to wear and really love  something I made myself.  We were all from different walks of life; photographers, public relations, business professionals and nurse (me!) to name a few, surrounded by like minded individuals. More than ever, I found a sense of purpose in my life and inspired by the women I encircled myself with who had the strength to step into the unknown. Walking into the unknown can really put a stop to changes in a person’s life.  What I’ve learned: dream a big idea and then take those big ideas and break them down into smaller steps and the big goals suddenly become more manageable.  Maybe this dress can be the start of my dream big idea. Thank  you Rachel and fashion friends for inspiring me, it was one of my favorite nights in Philly. 

Corset Rachel made for a music video. Completely handmade. 

Inspiration board. 

Lauren with an awesome Marc Jacob print. 

 More dresses! 

Me presenting! 

Modeling  my wrap dress, which can totally double as a light jacket! woot woot! 

  Great job, Irene! 

Our class sewing pro! She is amazing! 

 My witty Aussie! I love this girl! Don’t move to Houston! 

Allow yourself to dream. Dream big & add sparkles

Thank you for reading guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and ready for a fresh start with the upcoming year! I’m taking off to Taiwan for New Years Eve and Japan to snowboard and eat my first off, starting tomorrow! But first a 20+ hour flight there! wahh!!!!! Next time I update hopefully I can share some amazing goodies! Makeup, snacks, food and shopping adventures! WEEEEEEEE! SO excited! 


Anonymous said...

Your dress is amazing! I love it! Made in Philadelphia sounds like an awesome group ... how did you get involved?


Anonymous said...

Where are your booties from?

Barbara said...

beautiful pictures! i bought beyond cozy to get my manicure just as yours :)

Anh Mai said...

Hey Emily, Rachel taught a class at Moore's College and she was my instructor. If you are interested there are no classes that are just starting up! Just Google made in Philadelphia. She has a tumblr page.

Anh Mai said...

Sorry for the late reply! I was on an extended vacation! The booties are from Qupid, I purchase them of Amazon for like $30 bucks. Here is a similar link:

I originally wanted the Betsy Johnson Ziah which looks exactly the same but better quality. The sold out in my size so I got the Qupid instead. I would have preferred the Betsy Johnson because I really love the boots, but the Qupid aren't bad!

Anh Mai said...

Hi Barbara! Thank you! The manicure was really fun! Hope yours come out well! Would love to see it!

Stephan White said...

this so good, There was wine and cheese and fashion students with a sense of accomplishment at the Made in Philadelphia studio.

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