Friday, December 7, 2012

stripe a poker dot

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had a great week! TGIF right? uggh too bad I picked up a night shift at my second job this weekend. Yes, life is still majorly busy. The semester is coming to an end, and I have to finish up sewing my shirt and a dress for my sewing class. In addition, I have to  make a dress from a basic
pattern I made for my pattern making class! My back and hands hurt from sewing, who would have thought! Maybe if they come out well, I'll post some pictures! It's not project runway I tell ya, we are all sewing the same pattern and in a size 12 so you can imagine how big it’s on me. 

Here are some  more pictures from the weekend we spent in Cornell. Hope you like it.

The famous Cornell Bell Tower.

Sweater: F21 Skirt: F21 Coat: Tahari Tights: H&M Booties: Prada 

Thank you for reading. I'm still searching for a photographer and there may be some progress. Till then anyone interested in skin care products? I just bought some new skin products that I'm dying to share with you guys!


Eva said...

Yes to skincare! I'm so excited to see what you're going to make!

Anh Mai said...

Hahha! Okay for you Eva! Safe travels dear!