Wednesday, October 3, 2012

must have

My must have list is pretty long and perhaps not a must have list at all. More like a I want list, however I can easily justify any item on my want list! The Pigalle from Christian Louboutin are such a classic pointed toe, that it should be on everyone's must have list.  Anything from Mr. Louboutin himself is a classic and must have, right? 

Pointed toe shoes are having a huge come back in the shoe world! Being that I am petite, the nude and the pointed toe will help give the illusion of longer legs. I  am debating the height of the heel. The Pigalle comes in several different height, all measured by mm. 85mm, 100mm and 120mm. I already know I don't want the 85mm, 3.25" even though they will be the easiest to walk in, but they just don't look as sexy! I am debating whether or not I should get the 100mm which is 4" or the 120mm which is 4.75". 

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What do you think? Comfort or beauty? 
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Marley said...

hmmm well if it was more comfy(less inches) would you wear it as often as the sexy shoe? I have so many pretty tall shoes but I don't wear it enough because Phong said he won't carry me if it hurts my feet. :(

Tien said...

Awww I'm in love with these too (but in patent!) I personally would go for the 100mm because that's probably all I can manage but the 120mm look hot photos :)

Tien xo

PS Following you on bloglovin now!

Eva said...

This is my dream shoe!!! I'm all about comfort...I'm too klutzy to balance on a thin heel. Hahah

Anh Mai said...

Marley, I know what you mean! But they are so much sexier! The other option is they have the platform option for the front. About half inch for the balls of your feet!

Anh Mai said...

Tien, I think that is what I am leaning towards too! I have lost my ability to live in heels. If you are on bloglovin, I'll follow you there! I love your blog!

Anh Mai said...

Eva, they have the platform version! But lets be honest none of them are that comfortable ha! Hope to catch you on Sunday in Philly. Let me know what you are interested in eating, I will make you a list!