Monday, September 24, 2012

clowning around

Hey Guys, 

I had a wonderful weekend with my bestie. She was in town to celebrate our birthdays together. Her's being on the 17th and mine the 26th. There was quite a bit of shopping and a gluttony filled weekend

These are pictures from Friday's work and play. Thankfully working in an outpatient clinic means that I can wear normal human clothing. On the occasional "I don't have anything to wear" days, I have the option of wearing scrubs too. It's a pretty sweet combo, however I still have to follow some rules. 1. I must wear business casual 2. Live in the 1920's and cover my legs and the tops of my feet. Which means I own an over abundance of leggings/tights and bright colored shoes or flats. 

I was the talk of the office in these shoes, on Friday. Since most people are not as .. lets say colorful as I am, I did not stop hearing comments all day. "Anh love your bowling shoes" "What are those clown shoes?" "Those shoes don't go with that dress" The great thing about fashion TO ME is rules are meant to be broken. So what if I'm wearing a gray dress with leather trimming, maroon colored tights with polka dots and neon "bowling" shoes. It makes me happy and that's all that matters.

OOhh, also I had to tell someone in the office that "the shoes make the outfit". Well they do! If I have to wear flats to work all day at least have it be a statement piece. Am I right or am I right? I'm sorry I am not plain Jane. 

Later that night I swapped the neon shoes for a pair of booties and colorful socks. We had a nice dinner date at one of the many Steven Starr's restaurant,  Il Pottore , (posting pictures shortly). There were two dishes worthy of best dish in Philadelphia. The Suckling Pig which takes 5 days to prepare and the  Chocolate Bomboloni, with nutella filling and vanilla bean dipping sauce... mmhhh 

Loving my new lipstick from Makeup Forever. It's purple or Aubergine! I would have to say it's in between a tinted lip balm and a lipstick. It's extremely moisturizing and you don't even need a mirror to apply it. It is not opaque like most lipsticks. Since I do have natuarally darker lips most tinted lip balms don't work on me. But this lipstick applies with the perfect amount of color and moisturizer. One stop shop, no chap-stick needed. I picked up 3: The Aubergine N50, Red N45, Candy Pink 

Thank you for reading! 

:: Outfit ::

Dress:: H&M ($20 in stores now) 
Necklace :: Anthropologie (old)
Lipstick :: Makeup Forever Aubergine N50
Tights :: H&M (In stores now)
Socks :: H&M (old)
Sneakers: here (I purchased mine for $20 in store)
Booties :: Vince (Old) 


Viv said...

Love your hair color! Mind sharing what color/brand it is?

Sharon said...

Hi Anh! Love your blog! Glad to see you are pursuing your love for food and fashion. I will definitely follow your blog since those are my two loves as well =) Funny I also went to Il Pittore this past weekend and also had suckling pig and bombolini...amazing. I also had the red wine poached red pear and duck agnolotti and both were super delish.

Anh Mai said...

Hi Viv, I would love to tell you what color my hair is. But the truth is I have no idea what color it is anymore! Most of it is my natural color that has grown out. My hair is a natural dark brown-black. The colored areas were meant to be low lights. So when I went to the salon I had partial low-lights put in. I used my natural color as the base and the low lights were a lighter brown color. I asked for about 2 shades lighter than my natural color. As it grew it and with the sunbathing the color is what it is now. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. I would be happy to help!

Anh Mai said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you for reading! You know we would pursue both fashion and food everyday anyway, so I'm glad you enjoying the read! Too bad I didn't catch you at Il Pittore, I would have love to catch up. How was the poached pear? I almost ordered it. P.S. This was suppose to be your nuclear month, I told the boys they have to talk about shoes with me! Ha! Miss you dearly, seriously! I have a Antho discount for my birthday until the end of the month if you need something! -Anh

Kelly Nguyen said...

I love the color of your lipstick, on that night we went out for dinner, it look soo nice on you ! What is the color of it ?