Sunday, September 16, 2012

antique row & turdy the turtle

The weather was perfect this weekend and we started it the way we always do, brunching it up! I love the cozy feeling of Le Pain Quotidien which happens to be a few blocks from our place. 

Hub's Mochachino 

My English Breakfast with a splash of cream and a drizzle of honey. I adore the tea sets here!!!! 

Very yummy fritata. The best part of eating here is all the yummy jams you get to try. Love the specs spread which taste like spreadable honey cinnamon-mon-mon graham crackers.

Casual outfit to walk around antique row. Silk blouse with wool textured sleeves from Zara and high waisted loose fitting shorts from H&M. 

My mode of transportation? Wind in my hair and back seat of a dog on a hog of course!  

Some really cute French inspired coasters and a new ring I picked up from a vintage shop, $14.

Hubs not-so-random, random photography. 

New wall art for my walk in closet. 

Finally, meet Turdy the Turtle! He is made out of all recycled goods. Old washers and his shell is an old drawer knob. Just munching on some powdered fried dough from Zios. 

Oooops.... Turdy!!! Now we know how you got your name.  

 wahhahhaha We have the combined maturity of a 9 year old. Overall, a successful weekend. Thanks for reading and enjoying a day in the life of Leon & Anh's weekend adventure. Now time to read up on heart stuff (ACLS) and get recertified to save lives. Good night world. 

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