Monday, November 4, 2013

Batman in Track Pants

Hey guys, 

I have been under the weather and slept all day today. Pooh, thankfully I think that did it! I’m feeling much better now. I know the updates have been sparse, but my professionally life has been busy! Yes, it has been amazingly busy. I just got some of my photographs published in CoCo Magazine. I even interviewed with InStyle Magazine last week.

Though the results were not in my favor, (they ended up with someone with magazine experience) I could not even imagine a year ago that this would be an attainable opportunity. Yes, it was disappointing not to get the job, move to NYC and live the "Sex and the City” (ha, I kid!) dream, but I do believe that “everything happens for a reason.” I know my chance will come one day, until then life has not been too shabby so I can’t complain. I still feel like a lucky duck doing what I love.

I totally forgot about these pictures shoot last month. Thanks, Janey! Plaid has been trending and I am sure you have noticed. I love this plaid blazer because it makes a classic piece more fun and my fun track pants more proper.

Photography courtesy of Jane Louie 

 Blazer: Zara Track Pants: French Connection Wallet Pouch: Louis Vuitton Necklace: Vintage Shoes: Christian Lououtin. 

I promise, I will be back InStyle! Thanks, Dana for the opportunity!

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