Friday, July 5, 2013

vest up

Dress: Pinky Otto Vest: Zara Name Necklace: Etsy Shoes: Zara Clutch: Marc Jacob Sunglasses: Gucci

Hey Guys, 

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Did you do anything exciting ? Leon and I were out walking the city for a bit and it was so humid. The weather here in the east coast has been erratic lately, its hot and humid most of the day, then when its pouring rain and it gets kind of cold! This vest is perfect for the summer weather, its light enough to throw over for an added layer & adds the cool factor to a dainty lace dress. What do you keep warm with it when the weather cools?


Musings of a Curvy Lady said...


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, u look so cute!!!

-Leslie Ning

Chaucee said...

DAMN those are some sexy shoes girl! Love this outfit. And I'm liking the new blog look too!

Marley said...

Love the fierce shoes and the feminine top!

Jacqueline davis moranti said...

I need those shoes in my life!!! I loveeeee this outfit!