Wednesday, November 28, 2012

holy cowl

Hey Guys,

 This morning as I stepped out my front door,  the wind just hit my face like a crashing wave. Ouch! It's freakin cold out! Good thing I picked up a new coat!

It is a cowl neck which you know I have to love because its so versatile  There are several different ways to sport it. Hooded, full cowl and half cowl and the shawl look. When purchasing coats there are several things I look for. I love color so that is one of the most important criteria. Is it an awesome color? I actually don’t even own a black coat! The other criteria is neck/collar shape. I think color and collar shape totally makes a coat. It's how a coat sets itself apart. And finally details like buttons, embroidery, zippers. It all counts! But more importantly make sure that darn thing fits you. Ill fitting coats are disastrous and can make you look very sloppy.

Hope you like the coat, I was out fabric shopping for school and walked past it. The store is a discount store kind of like TJMAX. What a steal at $50 don't you think? But I ended up purchasing about 20 yards of fabric :/

Thank you for reading and bundle up!

:: Outfit ::

Coat: Tahari
Boots: Prada 


Chaucee said...

That is a bangin coat!!

Anh Mai said...

Thanks Chaucee! Love your photography!

Jacqueline davis moranti said...

You are so gorgeous! The cut of that coat is perfect for your frame! I love these photos!

Anh Mai said...

Thank you! I am obsessed with the cowl neck!

TGB said...

LOVE the coat!!!

Anh Mai said...

Thank you TGB and it's really warm! ++

Anh Mai said...

Tried leaving this comment on your blog but it didn't allow me to..

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I would love to see your line! THe combination of soft t-shirts and scarves are totally my thing! Are they sold any where in the city? Just an FYI, Kembrel is always looking for local artist you should give them a ring. "Success with the success of others" its the model my friends and I live by, thanks for putting it into words!